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7 Tips For Pool Maintenance In Winter



After the end of the summer season, most people are probably not using their swimming pool often. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that the responsibilities of pool maintenance also ends as the swimming season does. In the winter season, the temperature and angle of UV rays are indeed low, and the pool is not being used much frequently as in summer. However, the filter, heater, pump, and other equipment of the pool are still functioning and need maintenance. Hence, for keeping the pool clean and functional throughout the year, you need swimming pool maintenance in Dubai.  

If you want to avoid any unexpected problems when it is time to open the pool in summer, you must follow these off-season tips for pool maintenance in winter.


Thoroughly Clean the Pool

Cleaning of the pool should always be the first step, whether you are closing it with a cover or leaving it open.  Remove all the debris from the water, filters, skimmers net, etc. Because if there is any debris left behind, it will sink to the bottom and can stain it. So, make sure that all the debris is removed before closing your pool for winter. Besides, scrubbing of the walls and bottom are also included in thorough cleaning. It is required to remove all the possible algal growth and to dislodge sediments build up. 


Add Algaecides 

After cleaning the pool thoroughly, you must add an algaecide to the water. Use an algaecide that can stay for a long time in the water. When it is the last day of operation, add algaecide and phosphate remover to the water and run the pump for 24 hours so that the chemical distribute evenly in the water. In this way, you can prevent your pool from turning green in winter. Additionally, keeping the algae away from your pool will make the startup easier.



Wash Pool’s Filters 

Filter maintenance is usually ignored, but it is necessary, especially when you are preparing your pool for winter. Cleaning of the filters depends on the type of filter your pool has. Sand filters require backwashing, which means running the water in reverse. However, for cartridge filters, remove the cartridge and clean it with a cartridge cleaner to get rid of any trapped debris or scaling. Washing of filters will keep them in good condition and ensure that the water in your pool remains clean throughout the winter. 


Check The Chemical Balance

Water chemistry may not seem that important, but it is a crucial part of the pool’s maintenance. It helps your pool to work more efficiently. The main things that you need to give attention to are pH, alkalinity, and chlorine level. Ideally, the ph of water must be between 7.2 and 7.6. It is crucial to check the pH of the water every two to three days or at least once a week in the winter. You may not have a tool kit and proper techniques for water testing. Hence, it is better to hire professionals for swimming pool maintenance in Dubai.


Keep An Eye On Equipment

Although the pool is covered and is not infrequent use still there are chances that the pollen, dirt, and other contaminants can enter the water. Therefore, remember to check on the filter gauge, perform cleaning and backwashing according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, keep an eye on the pump, exposed plumbing fixtures, and heater to check that they are working properly, and there is no need to repair. In winter, you must run the pump, filter, and chlorinator for at least 4 hours a day to keep them functional.   



Cover Your Pool  

When you are closing your swimming pool for winter make sure to cover it. Placing a cover over the pool will protect the leaves or debris from entering the water. As all the debris accumulates on the cover, so you need to remove the debris from the cover. You should use a safety cover if you have pets or children at home. Additionally, you can use an air pillow connected in the center of the cover for dispersing debris on the sides of the pool, thus making cleaning easier.


Check Pool’s Water Level

Always monitor the water level of the pool to make sure that water is topped off. It is essential to keep the pool primed and to protect the pump. The standard of water level depends on the climate in which you live. If you are living in an area with a warm climate, that does not have freezing temperatures, the water must be filled to the top. However, in the areas that experience freezing temperatures, keep the water level 4 to 6 inches below skimmers during the winter season. 

Preparing your pool for winter might seem a daunting process. However, regular maintenance prevents your pool from season damage. No matter if you have a busy schedule, you can hire our professional workers for swimming pool maintenance in Dubai. Our certified crew use 100% safe and eco-friendly processes for cleaning and maintenance of your pool.


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