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8 Signs That You Need To Call a Professional Electrician in Dubai


Carrying out repairs at home by yourself might seem like a great idea to save money. We understand that it also provides a lot of satisfaction, but there are few things that should be left to experts. Especially if there is electrical work involved, it is best not to get involved. If you were to make a mistake, then the consequences could be far more serious than wasting time. Getting electrical installations from a Professional Electrician in Dubai can prevent minor issues from escalating into something serious. This can also decrease the chances of surges which can lead to electrical emergencies. 

           If you still don’t know when it is best to call in the professionals then read on to learn warning signs that you need emergency electrical service. 

Reasons to Hire Professional Electrician in Dubai

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Warm Light Switches 

In a properly functioning electrical system that is within its power capacities, light switches should not feel warm. This may be a sign that they are underpowered for their function, or maybe the whole system is overloaded.

Regardless, never ignore the warning signs!

The underlying issue causing warm switches can spiral into a fire hazard, and it is probably the most common reason people call electricians. 

A Burning Smell Coming From Outlets

When an electrical outlet overheats, you might notice a burning smell coming out of the outlet. Sometimes, it is noticeable that the outlet is burnt as it becomes discolored. If you notice any brown marks or burning smell then immediately turn-off that outlet and unplug all appliances, and call emergency electrical service.

Circuit breaker tripping repeatedly

A circuit breaker is an important part of an electrical system. It monitors the circuit and shuts it off instantly if it detects an overload. The breaker works to prevent a surge from damaging the electrical parts within your property. 

           Usually, a breaker trips if you use appliances with high voltage simultaneously. But, if your circuit breaker trips continuously or fuses are damaged then it means there is some technical underlying electrical problem. 

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Dimming and Flickering Lights

Waning, dimming or flickering lights indicate that there’s a problem with your home’s electrical system. Over time, the electrical wiring in your building deteriorates. One reason for deterioration could be a pest issue, but there can be other damaging factors that you may be unaware of. Whatever the case, you need to hire a professional electrician in Dubai to get your wiring checked. 

Sometimes, you may have to update the electrical system in your home. Some appliances use more electricity than others. If you don’t wire them to dedicated circuits, they can affect the power distribution leading to flickering. For these appliances, we advise to ask commercial electrical services to install an extra line to service them. 

Multiplying extension cables and Adapters

If your home has a lot of multi-plugged adapters and extension cables, then you may need new wall sockets. Stacks of plugs and coils of wiring are dangerous; you shouldn’t handle something like this on your own. Besides, getting a circuit neat does not require much cost. Faulty circuits are a leading factor in more home fires.

So, never take the risk of ignoring such issues. If you are unsure about any part of your house, then call a professional electrician in Dubai. 

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The Age of your Home

Every property needs an electrical system upgrade to prevent safety risks. Thus, if your property is older than 20 years, then the wiring may be decaying or antiquated. Hence, it might be the right time to call Fix a home professional electrician in Dubai. 


Have you ever noticed a minute spark while plugging in an outlet? This is quite normal. However, when an outlet gets overloaded, has faulty wiring there may be abnormal sparks:

  • Easily visible, as sparks leap out of the plug 
  • They last for over a second before fizzling out 
  • Yellow or white-colored instead of blue 

Humming or buzzing sounds

Any humming or buzzing sounds coming from the breaker box indicate that there is a serious issue with the electrical wiring. Since, a circuit is supposed to protect your home from surges; so, any damage to the circuit can leave you vulnerable. 

Take even the slightest buzzing or humming from electrical outlets seriously!

Electrical safety is all about prevention and caution. Therefore, anytime you notice an electrical problem, you need to get emergency electrical service over to your house to nip it in the bud. Therefore, to help you take all the precautionary measurements to ensure the electrical safety of your home contact us to get the best electrical services in Dubai. 

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