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“Carpentry services: Give your home the perfect look”


Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience. During this experience wanting everything look like the concept they have in mind is something everyone dreams about. However, Fixing furniture, hanging curtains, painting the walls; getting everything done perfectly is not an easy job. Further, hiring different people for different tasks will only add to the stress. Therefore, we offer complete carpentry services in Dubai. ‘Fix a home’ carpentry services can make your transition smooth by taking care of every time-consuming and challenging task involved in revamping or reconstructing your house.

We are a maintenance company in Dubai, and our services cover up literally everything. Whether you need to get your furniture or chairs assembled, smoke alarms installed, or need to get your wiring organized. We are here to help. Our whole team consists of certified, trained, and experienced professionals. They will bring all the necessary tools that they need to get the job done. Our crew will clean after themselves before they leave your home. This way, your family can enjoy and relax at home and remain hassle-free. 

Certainly, Fix a home is one of the best office and home maintenance companies in Dubai. Our carpentry services cater and support customers. Our crew makes sure to complete the job you assign to them cautiously and accurately. We know how it feels when unprofessional people waste our customer’s time and wealth. Hence, our craftsmen are highly skilled and can complete every job without wasting your time and wealth. We offer the ultimate carpentry services; we set up and make customized bookshelves, mantels, cabinets, and more.

Our carpentry services are the top choice among customers, and they never regret hiring us for the job. We prioritize our customers, above all. There is nothing more satisfying than having happy and satisfied customers. Similarly, we want you to have the ideal home that you always wanted to have. Therefore, we are here to help you make your vision come true. Moreover, Our team is not only are trained in providing great customer services but is also excellent with designing. It is essential for us to have a good relationship with our clients and for us, our customers are our family.

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Here is an overview of the types of services we provide:

  • Install and replace standard wooden doors or heavy-duty doors
  • Relocate hinges hole on broken cabinet door
  • Install new cabinet/drawer lock, or make replacements
  • Install new hangar bars in wardrobe 
  • Minor repair carpentry works
  • Replace concealed floor mount glass door closer 
  • Add new shelves in cabinet or wardrobe
  • Construct wooden deck for indoor or outdoor
  • Error-free drilling in one go
  • Sand down and re-varnish deck 
  • Crown molding installation and repairing
  • Install doorknob or handle lock on room doors
  • Hinge re-alignment or modify the door to fit onto the door edge
  • Wooden shelves fixation/repairing 
  • Replace and re-align cabinet door hinges or wardrobe door hinges
  • Wooden frames and pictures hanging without damaging walls

Why should you hire us?

  • Add style and value to our space
  • Have Customized installation at your disposal
  • Get renovation to your living area in detail
  • Get work done from experienced and dedicated professionals
  • Less time consuming and Space-saving 
  • Get the latest wooden designs for your cabinets, door, furniture, and shelves.
  • An in-house team of expert carpenters
Carpentry Services in Dubai

Let’s see how we can help

Some people think that just choosing a curtain cloth and hanging it on windows doesn’t need any professional services. However, the reality is that you may save your money by installing curtains by yourself, but it may spoil the look of your house. For instance, Everything can go wrong if you mistakenly select the wrong color or material for the curtain, and if you attempt to install the curtains by yourself and it doesn’t go right, you will have to makeover the whole area, which could end up costing you more.

Doing it yourself might sound like a good idea, but it may cause you to lose the money that you worked hard to save. Therefore, it’s better to invest in a knowledgeable and experienced crew to install curtains or do other home renovations. This makes sure that everything that you select is right for your home’s aesthetic and provides excellent functionality. In addition, An experienced team can install everything properly for the first time and give you better results than expected. When you call us for home maintenance in Dubai, we will consider many essential factors for proper installations. Our carpentry services in Dubai are what you need to turn a house into your home. In conclusion, if you wish to hire us for your next project, then contact us by calling on +971 4566 7048, or you can reach us by texting through Whatsapp +971 50 433 6487.

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