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Garden Maintenance Dubai: 5 Landscaping Ideas


After spending the whole day in the hustle and bustle of life, everyone seeks comfort in their home. It is important to have a relaxing environment and space in your home. In order to do so, the best thing is to use your garden. Furthermore, with the help of professional garden maintenance Dubai, you can create a refreshing space for yourself to relax and meditate. Let’s look at some tips that can help you create the perfect garden for relaxation.

Tips for Garden Maintenance in Dubai

Plants that Beat the Heat

The blazing heat of the Dubai is unforgiving. It can easily turn plants into crispy mulch. However, few plants can withstand the scorching heat. The plants built to withstand heat include the money plant, Frangipani, Plumeria, Jasmine, and Ficus. So, use these plants to make your garden look beautiful all year long. 

White and yellow plumeria flowers

Vegetable Gardening

There are herbs and vegetables that you can grow and maintain in containers or pots. Such plants include rosemary, basil, mint, and parsley. In addition, by growing vegetables in containers, you can overcome soil-borne diseases and pests. Similarly, if you store veggies in bright-colored containers you can use it to decorate your patio. 

Basil in the garden

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Install Artificial Grass and Save Money 

It can be hard to maintain fresh grass in Dubai, particularly in summer, which remains for the most part of the year. If your home has a big garden and you would like to save on water and money, then artificial grass is a great idea. Artificial grass is cheaper and easier for garden maintenance in Dubai. However, if you have real grass, then just make sure you water it at night so that less water gets evaporated in the heat. 

Green grass

Enhance Garden with a Water Feature

A water feature can add a new dimension to your garden and create a relaxing and soothing escape. Hence, you can enhance your garden by installing a water feature like a waterfall or pond. However, remember water sustainability, a dribbling fountain offers only a trickle of water enough to create calm feelings. 

Beautiful decoration of a small fountain In the backyard

Outdoor Living 

Outdoor living spaces have become very popular. Such spaces provide comfort with the benefit of a great view and fresh air. Therefore, you can create an outdoor space in your backyard garden with necessary furniture. You can even consider adding a barbeque area. As a result, you will get a cozy living area which you can use for entertaining or relaxing. 

Comfortable outdoor chair and table in garden

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Don’t know how to keep your garden green?

Maintaining a garden with greenery and freshness is not easy. From mowing correctly to watering frequently, there are a lot of tasks involved. This can be hard to keep up. Rather than suffering by yourself, you should seek professional help. Whether you are looking for basic garden maintenance in Dubai such as mowing, watering, or want someone for planting grass or landscaping, we can cover it all for you. We understand how challenging gardening in Dubai can be, particularly in hot weather. Therefore, Fix a home gardening services are ideal for both long-term garden maintenance and one-off gardening services. 

Types of gardening services

Our landscaping and gardening services have got you covered, no matter what your gardening needs are. Fix a home gardening team that can maintain your lawn and plants. They can also renew your garden if you want to. 

How We Will Process Your Request? 

For the convenience of our customers, we have established multiple medium for contact. So, you can contact us through phone, Whatsapp, or by filling out an online form. You can describe your request or need as much detail as possible. Then we will schedule a visit based on the urgency of the matter. Furthermore, you will be given a quote that includes all the related charges. After the confirmation from your side, our workers will be at your property in no time to get the job done. Also, they will guide you in every step of the way. 

Why ‘Fix a home’?

We provide every service needed for home maintenance. Moreover, we have made it easier for you to get the right kind of help that you need for your home in one place. 

  • Our team of experts and professionals 

We have hired the most efficient workers. They are all qualified and have years of experience in the field. Hence, they can identify problems before they become apparent. Therefore, their expertise allows them to solve every problem quickly. 

  • Excellent Customer Service

For us, customer service is everything. Also, we aim to satisfy our customers with exemplary services. Our representatives can help you with anything you need. Further, our workers won’t leave your place until you are happy and satisfied with the service. Such dedication towards our customers makes us one of the best home maintenance companies in Dubai. 

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