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Home Decor Ideas in Dubai: Give your Home a Makeover


It is a known fact that colors can affect a person’s mood. They have the power to improve one’s mental health, and colors are one of the most effective tools in home decor. The interaction of colors with material can reduce or enlarge a room’s size, make the ceiling’s height look different, and make hallways appear longer. With home decor ideas and colors, you can transform your home. Transforming and decorating homes according to seasons is a trend. So, you can use different home decor ideas in Dubai based on the current season.

In this blog, we will enlist some of the most popular home design styles to help you transform your home. 

Top Home Decor Ideas in Dubai


Minimalist home styles focus on primary colors like white, beige, and grey. Hence, the phrase ‘less is more’ describes this design perfectly. In this home design style, the elements express simplicity. There are elements without decoration; basic geometric shapes, simple materials, and the repetition of structures symbolize a sense of order and quality. 

home deocr ideas
Minimalistic Interior Design


Modern is a broad design term used for a home with clean, simple colors and materials like glass, steel, and metal. Furthermore, Modern design employs simplicity in each element, including furniture. Modern design is mostly described as sleek. There is no clutter or extra accessories involved in modern home design. 

modern home decor
Modern living room interior


Contemporary style includes whites, blues, and blue-greens, along with bright orange and red. There are different textures and glossiness in this genre. Moreover, The materials present rounded and softened lines instead of the harsh lines used in modern style design. The interior design contains neutral basics and bold colors; it focuses on line forms and shape basics. 

           The key difference between contemporary and modern style is that modern design style is an interpretation of interior style in the 20th century. On the contrary, contemporary design is fluid, and it can symbolize a sense of currency with less adherence to one specific type. For instance, the contemporary home design may include curve lines, while a modern design doesn’t. 

contemporary home decor
Contemporary Interior


White and pale wood are the basic features of the northern European design style and Scandinavian decoration. Moreover, this is a design movement that is characterized by minimalism, functionality, and simplicity. 

Scandinavian home decor
Scandinavian Kitchen Design

French country

Warm and earthy colors indicate the French country interior design, along with ornamental and worn wooden furnishing. Additionally, This style gets inspiration from the farmhouse. The French country design includes warm and soft tones of yellow, red, gold, and natural material such as brick and stone. The French country design includes collections of ornate porcelain dishes, heavy bed coverings, and linens. 

French Country Design


The Zen design style has a minimalist philosophy then uses natural materials, patterns of space and light and rejects clutter. The Zen Japanese interior features combination of white and black with natural wood. 

Zen design


Industrial design is inspired by old industrial and factories that have been transformed into living spaces. Therefore, elements of industrial design are weathered wood, exposed brick, building systems, concrete, and industrial lighting fixtures. In addition, this look has metallic finishes combined with grey, brown, and blue. 

Industrial design


Another great interior design is the Chinese home design style. It is famous for its simplicity and Zen-like aesthetic. With a preference towards red and black. It includes the character of shape and clean lines. Chinese design style spaces are usually serene and peaceful. 

Chinese home design

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The traditional design style takes inspiration from European design. This style is all about patterns, textures, and layers. Typically, a traditional home is one that has a rich mahogany color scheme that is paired with white cushions and sofas. All the furniture has dark finished wood with gold finishing. In addition, The fabric of the pillows and curtains has a vintage feel and are generally of silk or velvet. The style is far from flashy. In contrast, it is calm and predictable. 

           If you want to redecorate your home design style using traditional interior style, then buy curtains, lamps, and furniture with a ‘vintage.’ Painting walls or adding wallpaper with beige color can lift your room. Add crystal chandeliers and antiques to follow the traditional style. 


White, brown, turquoise, and orange are the colors used in the retro design style. Hence, this home design style mixes different old styles and objects that are majorly influenced by past trends, recycled items, and new find. The retro interior was notable for the ‘explosive’ combination of coloring. In conclusion, this complicated and controversial style is best suited for independent, free-thinking, and cheerful people. 

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern design style is a throwback to the mid-1900s, however, mostly to the 1950s and 60s. This design is a retro nostalgic and includes some basics of minimalism. Also, The central theme of Mid-Century modern home design style is ‘fussy-free’ or functionality. And, it focuses on pared-down appearances, organic shapes like ‘egg-shaped’ chair, user-friendly contemporary design, and simple fabrics. 

Mid-century modern design



The Rustic home design style uses raw and unfinished elements such as stone and wood. This design may incorporate accessories from the outdoors. Further, accessories with warmth flowing in the architectural details, including vaulted ceilings with wood beams or reclaimed wood floors. Many designs integrate the rustic design with modern accessories and furniture.

Rustic home design

Home Decor Ideas in Dubai with Fix a home

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