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    Outdoor House Cleaning Services

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    Scope of Work

    • Garage cleaning.
    • Pave yard cleaning.
    • Rooftop and outdoor window cleaning.
    • Gutters purification using strong acidic agents to make sure the water flows without any hassle.
    • External building wash


    • Clean outdoor area
    • No clogged gutters
    • Cleaner waterline
    • No grout and mold buildup

    Reliable Outdoor House Cleaning in Dubai

    One Window Eco friendly cleaning solution | Instant & Effective Service

    You have a schedule to clean the house from the inside on a daily or weekly basis, but often we forget and ignore the outside areas of the house. It can be a garage, paved yards, back lawns or rooftops and house cleaning services in dubai. After a long winter or summer season, all sorts of mold, grime, and dirt can be found that is quite difficult to clean with ordinary cleaning substances. Our team of expert cleaners provides detailed outdoor house cleaning in Dubai with equipment like pressure water guns and soakers. With the high-quality soap, scrub brushes, cleanser, bleach and pressure washer we will make sure the stone is unturned while cleaning your house outdoor areas. Blocked gutters can cause an issue for many building mates or personals living in the house. We have gutter acidic agents that flush out every contaminated material off the gutters ensuring smooth water flow.

    The Fix a Home outdoor house cleaning services in Dubai work effectively to make sure the outdoor of your house is cleaner & hygienic. So that you get a stain-free garage, paved yards, and rooftops once our experts left your place. With very affordable pricing and the quality of work we deliver, we are considered to be the FIRST CHOICE for the majority of the houses in Dubai.

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