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How to Get the Best Electrical Services Dubai?


A home is a person’s prized possession. Everything is put in with thought and care, so no one wants things to go bad or wrong. Many of us try to fix any issue that occurs by ourselves. However, the ‘Do it yourself’ approach is not always the right one. Especially if there are electrical issues in your home, you should not try to fix it yourself unless you have training. It can be very dangerous and hazardous for you and your family. When encountering such issues, you should get professional electrical services in Dubai

      We understand that it may seem like an expensive option for fixing a minor issue, but if handled without care, a minor issue can turn into a big one. Therefore, getting an expert’s opinion is the smartest way to go. You don’t want to mess with any issue that is related to power. Since there is interconnected wiring, you could easily miss something, leading to a bigger issue. Finding professionals won’t be a hassle since there are a lot of good home maintenance companies in the market. ‘Fix a home’ is one such maintenance company in Dubai. Our crew consists of highly qualified and trained experts. Fix a home professionals have spent years in learning and have become masters of their field.

Our Electrical Services in Dubai

We offer a variety of electrical services, such as installation and maintenance. Some of the main areas that we focus on include:

  • Residential and commercial electrical installation
  • Home and office assessment and diagnosis 
  • Repair and replacement of electric sockets
  • Any electrical equipment’s inspection, repair, and installation
  • Dishwasher and washing machine installation and repair
  • Electrical wiring maintenance and service
  • Plan and install wiring on the entire site along with lighting and control systems
  • Fluctuation and tripping electric issues
  • Installation of ceiling fans and dimmers 
  • Regulating and optimizing power to reduce monthly electricity cost
  • Examining wiring for short circuits
  • Wire outlet and electrical cord replacement
an electrical technician working in a switchboard with fuses. Installation and connection of electrical equipment.


Reliable and fast Electrical Services

Faulty installation or broken electrical appliances pose a threat to you. It is never a good idea to put off getting these checked. Fix a home offers reliable and fast electrical services to fix such problems. Our team of experts will do an in-depth inspection and will guide you accordingly. 

Why should you choose us for Electrical services in Dubai?

Fix a home has done a lot of electrician jobs in Dubai. With our extensive experience, we are able to offer the best electrical services, among many other services. All our technicians are qualified and licensed to provide the needed electrical services. 

How to get our services?

We believe in simplicity, hence the process of getting our services is very simple.

Step 1: Select the services you need

Our website has a variety of services that you can review before selecting the one you need. For our customers’ convenience, we provide multiple ways to contact us. You can get more information by contacting us either by calling or sending text over Whatsapp. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also set up a visit by filling our online form quickly. You will have to provide name, contact, subject, and a short message. 

Step 2: Get a Quote

After you contact us, ‘Fix a home’ service providers will reach out to you and go over the electrical services that you need. We will give you a quote that will include all the products and services needed. 

Step 3: Get services at the doorstep

You don’t have to do anything else after you have booked a visit. Our technicians will visit you on the decided day. If you want to get a same-day visit, we can do that as well. You can tell our team your emergency, and then we can provide you with timely service. If the service requires more time, then we will make sure to finish up at a convenient time.

How much ‘Fix a home’ electrical services cost? 

The cost of electrical services will depend on multiple factors. Therefore, you will have to get a quote from us according to the type of electrical services needed by you. If there are any purchases or replacements, then that cost will also be included in the quote. 

If you would like to see the range of office and home maintenance services we provide, then you should visit our website. With our work ethic and efficiency, you will be assured of the quality of our services. Our maintenance company in Dubai has a hundred percent satisfaction policy. With such a guarantee, you will get the best solution for your electrical issues. Don’t wait for minor issues to turn into major ones, book a visit by our qualified technicians today.

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