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AC Repair Services in Dubai

How to know if you need ac repair?


As a homeowner, you have to know that any technical problem can be easily solved if caught on early. If these problems are left for long, then they can become more pronounced and severe over time. The lesson to be learned is that summers in Dubai are hot, and a properly working air conditioner is essential for wellbeing and health. If you catch small issues, you wouldn’t have to pay for costly ac repair when it stops working in the middle of the summer. In this article, we will help you get familiar with signs that your air conditioner needs repairing or replacement. 


8 Signs you need ac repair services 

  • Poor airflow
  • Blows warm air
  • Loud noises
  • Wrong Thermostat
  • Excessive humidity in the home
  • Bad odors
  • High electric bills
  • Frequent repairs
  • Freon or water leaks

1. Poor Airflow

Sometimes very little air comes out of AC vents because of weak airflow. When you turn the air conditioner on, you may feel cold air coming out of AC vents weakly that it doesn’t circulate well. This happens when the air conditioners compressor is failing, but it can also mean there are issues with ac ducts. There is some uncertainty; therefore, you need a professional opinion to take advantage of our air conditioning services.

2. AC Blows Warm Air

The worst problem that could occur in your AC in hot blazing summers is warm air coming out of it. Suppose your air conditioner starts having such an issue during the hottest months of the year. In that case, you must contact a professional HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician as soon as possible for ac repair. 

3. Loud Noises coming from AC Unit

If you start hearing scraping, grinding, or squealing sounds coming from the air conditioner when it’s on, there may be an inside issue. This could be a severe problem that will need an immediate call to a local ac expert. 

4. The Thermostat stopped Working

The Thermostat is an essential part of your air conditioner. It commands the AC about how much cold air it should generate. The AC unit then takes measures to ensure it’s doing its job. If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on, or if it turns on for short periods before turning off by itself, then this can indicate that the AC’s Thermostat is broken. For this reason, you will need a trained HVAC technician to look at this. You don’t want to try and fix this yourself as there are complex electrical elements involved with the Thermostat. 

5. Excessive humidity in the house

It is an AC’s job to decrease the level of humidity in your home. Dubai is known for its too humid weather. If the humidity level is still high in your home after turning the AC on then, you may need to get it repaired.

6. Foul odors coming out of AC

It is a well-known fact that your air conditioner shouldn’t be emitting smelly odors. If there is a pungent smell, it indicates that wire insulation inside the AC has been burnt. A musty smell usually means there is mold in the unit or maybe a ductwork. For such an issue, you need a professional ac repair technician to diagnose the problem because the odor could be hazardous for your family. 

7. My Electric Bill Doubled

If your power bill has suddenly shot up even if you hadn’t run your Ac more than usual, it could indicate that the AC needs repair. There can be various reasons for this specific issue, such as the leaks in your air conditioner ductwork, a broken thermostat, or an advanced AC unit’s advanced age. No matter the source of the issue, you need to hire air conditioning services. 

8. Freon Refrigerant Leaks Around AC Unit

Having a moisture leak anywhere in or around your air conditioner is a serious issue. In the most severe situations, this indicates that there is a refrigerant leak. Freon is toxic, so you need to call a professional immediately. However, it might be water in less critical cases since the tube which disposes condensation gets broken or blocked. This can manifest in different ways, as well. Sometimes, you will see water leaking out of the AC, while other times, you might see ice inside your air conditioner. Both of these signs are not good and require professional attention.

These eight signs are a useful reminder of how you can spot your AC’s issues quickly. In most of these cases, this can prevent an AC replacement. Just remember air conditioners are a complicated machine. If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, then we don’t recommend tackling them yourself. Fix a home is a great home maintenance company in Dubai. Our aim is to satisfy our customers and we provide expert air conditioning services. 

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