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“Is getting home maintenance Dubai safe during Coronavirus”


Coronavirus pandemic has stopped life. Everything has changed. Wearing masks, washing hands and sanitizing has become a norm. Staying 6 feet apart and social distancing is the new normal. Even though the government removed all the economy’s restrictions, that doesn’t mean that the threat of this pandemic is over. We still need to follow all the WHO (World Health Organization) mentioned cautions to protect ourselves and our community. 

We follow strict guidelines for home maintenance COVID-19

  • All our crew wears face masks.
  • They will maintain a social distance of 6 feet while in your home.
  • After working, they will clean after themselves with disinfectant. 
  • If our customers don’t wear masks, they will be asked to wear one to ensure everyone’s safety.
  • Before the visit, our staff will check the local health department instructions to see if there are any restrictions on non-essential services or activities. If there are any strict restrictions, we will consider if the service request is essential or delayed.
  • If there is someone in your house who has COVID-19 symptoms, then the scheduled service visit will be delayed until it is safe. 
  • A detailed pre-service consultation will be done before our crew visits to reduce the amount of time they will spend inside your house. For example, you can discuss the service request on call; send pictures ahead of time to make matters easier and faster.
  • Before scheduling a visit, you can discuss any COVID-19 precautions that you are concerned about to rest assured about our services. We screen (such as check temperature) our crew before sending them out for a home repair visit. 
Office and Home Maintenance Services in Dubai

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Our procedure for safe home maintenance services

When a customer approaches us, we ask them if anyone in their household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been in quarantine because of potential exposure to coronavirus. We expect our customers to truthfully answer us, because we care for our crew as much as we do for our customers. If customers withhold such information, they would be putting the workers in danger. As our customer if you are concerned about the worker visiting your home, then we take full responsibility for our workers. We would never put our workers and our customer’s lives in harm’s way. 

We welcome our concerned customer to ask our representatives about the workers that will be visiting their home. You can provide our representatives with a list of precautions you would like our workers to follow and ask about our precautionary measures. 

Further, we understand that you might be concerned that a worker will touch their tools and your equipment, and there can be changes of exposure as the virus can remain on the surface for hours. Therefore, our crew will wear gloves when possible and use appropriate disinfectants to clean their tools and other supplies at your house before and after they use them. 

Tips for Our Customers during the Visit

Stand 6 feet back

The 6-foot rule and regular hand washing the basic precaution for COVID-19. When our workers arrive, you should maintain your distance. Our workers wash their hands before and after their work. And in-between will sanitize their hands.

Protect your hands

If you need to hand something to our worker, then you should use disposable gloves, or you can use a paper towel to cover the item while passing it on. Then you should wash your hands for 20 seconds. 

There is no doubt that these are trying times, but we have not stopped serving our customers. We understand that things break down or become faulty. So we are here to provide you all the necessary home maintenance COVID-19. We are known for our quality of work and customer services. We are the best maintenance company in Dubai.  We believe in prioritizing our customers, above all. Your satisfaction with our work is what we need. So we strive to achieve it. If you would like to know more about our services, including ac maintenance, carpentry services, and much more, you can view them all. 

You can contact us any time without hesitating through call or Whatsapp. You can also have a preliminary discussion about the work that needs to be done over the phone in detail. Or you can also send us pictures if needed to show us what exactly is required from our workers. We are here to serve you. 

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