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    Book Top Rated Kitchen Exhaust and Duct Cleaning services in dubai

    Kitchen Exhaust and Duct Cleaning

    Kitchen Exhaust & Deep Cleaning Services

    Get Kitchen Duct Cleaning Services With One Call

    Scope of Work

    • Kitchen Deep Cleaning
    • De-greasing of blower
    • Disinfecting extraction systems
    • Examination of the ecological system
    • Maintenance of duct and leakage
    • Pressure wash


    • Properly functioning blower
    • No contamination
    • No smoke circulating inside
    • No fire hazard
    • Sparkly clean kitchen from top to bottom
    • Home cleaning services

    Reliable kitchen Exhaust & Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai

    Don’t take the Risk … be certified, be legal, be safe

    When tough grease requires a smart cleaning solution for reliable kitchen duct cleaning in Dubai - Fix a Home is the only option. Be it a commercial or home deep cleaning service, you can get all the kitchen cleaning services from us, 1 stop shop for the complete cleaning & degreasing of any type of ecological units, kitchen deep cleaning, blowers, and kitchen extraction systems.

    Did you know grease buildup under the hood or duct could cause fire hazards? Due to grease buildup exhaust loses its efficiency and all the air flows inside while you cook your delicious meals for your family or commercially. The grease cools down there and starts to accumulate and for this reason, timely treatment could save you time, effort & money. Our certified professionals are committed to thorough kitchen exhaust & duct cleaning services, home cleaning services from kitchen hood to fan on the roof. We embark on the highest inspection and cleaning standards in the industry. Our quality work is guaranteed to pass insurance, health & fire inspection.

    At Fix a Home our staff ensures quality disinfectants are used and your kitchen is sparkly clean when we leave. We provide you with all kinds of solutions for your kitchen-related issues in one go. From scraping to pressure washing or steam cleaning, we strive on quality procedures for kitchen deep cleaning services in Dubai that are aligned with the Emirates Health Services (EHS) and Takhrees.

    After reliable kitchen exhaust duct & home cleaning services, Fix a Home will issue a hygiene certificate. This certificate allows customers & staff alike to be assured that the kitchen is safe, clean, and legal. All Fix a Home kitchen deep cleaning services projects are cleaned by certified professionals to industry-specific standards and are supplied with post and pre-clean photographic evidence to compare the results.


    Light use 2- 6 hours per day Once in a year
    Moderate use 6 -12 hours per day x Twice in a year
    Heavy use 12 - 16 hours per day Once in 3month

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