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Mold Inspection: How Much It Costs and When to Get One

Mold Inspection: How Much It Costs and When to Get One



It all takes me to my childhood days when we were young and used to play in different nooks and corners of grassy areas and parks. While playing near the trees we would discover the mushrooms and near the mushrooms there was almost always a mold present on the tree growing in green, white or dark colors. Simply speaking, mold is a type of fungus that lives on moist surfaces like barks of trees, inside of houses and cold places. It flies in all types of areas until it settles on the surface of different materials. The mold is present at several places ranging from outdoors to the inside of your friend’s apartment. 

One of the best methods of remedying molds anywhere in the house is to wipe up spilled liquids, fix leaks in the ceilings, repair your plumbing system. You should also ensure that your kitchen is emitting moisture from its inside area to the outside surroundings. Ensuring that there is adequate air passage in the bathrooms of your house will lead to zero mold build-up. 

Knowing there are plenty of reasons for cleaning mold in different rooms of your house will make your life easy. Molds destroy the materials it lives on. It passes allergies to people. That may lead to the development of asthma and sinus infection in those residing on the property. You will need a mold remediation service to remove mold from your home or office.


When Do You Require Mold Inspection?

Opting for mold removal treatment can solve the problem when you see mold in your house. Over time, your ceilings and walls can also experience mold growth. It means spores are growing in your home. Be careful mold can thrive in the hidden places of your home or office. These places can include ducts and areas where walls meet each other. Mold can cover spaces so microscopic that it may require expert help to find them.


There are a few scenarios when you should carry out a thorough mold inspection from the mold removal service. They are listed below:

  • Water Degradation. Leakage in the basement of your property can lead to flooding, your ceiling may be leaking or there may be a cracked pipe creating water leakage throughout your kitchen. All these causes lead to a mold inspection. Any surface that becomes moist and was not wiped within one to two days can be affected by the mold.
  • Buying a New Property. When buying a property you can not be sure that there is no water damage in the building you are buying. The only method of finding mold is by performing mold inspection. You will need the services of a mold remediation company to check for the mold in your building.
  • The Property Has Stayed Empty. If people were not staying in the property and it was closed for several months in humid conditions then there can be mold growth in it. This particular problem can occur in locations with humid weather.
  • When There is Mold Remediation. In case there was costly and tricky mold remediation carried out in your property, you will require a mold inspection in your property from time to time to ensure the mold doesn’t come back.
  • When You Have Detected Mold. If you have seen the growth of green or white spots in your building you should hire mold cleaning experts to remove them. These spots can also be of blue or black colors and they may occur in many areas.


Cost of Mold Inspection

When you contact a mold remediation service like Fix a home they will inform you that their expert team will visit your vicinity that you consider is affected by the mold to find out the true cause and level of problem. The cost of inspection depends upon the amount of work needed. The mold cleaning company will send you a report explaining their analysis and advice that will be delivered to you as soon as possible.


Hire Expert Technicians at Fix a Home

If you hire the services of the Fix a home team your house will receive a complete mold removal treatment that will clear all the mold from the affected area. We have a team of trained technicians who can perform a thorough inspection of your building and provide the best solution for your mold worries. The company will make sure that there is no more mold growth once it has been removed. They also ensure that there will be no damage to your appliance and fixtures. There will be absolutely no odor in your environment because of humidity. Fix a home offers clean and quick mold inspection and removal.


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