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    Mold Removal & Home Remediation

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    Scope of Work

    • Swab testing for mold identification
    • Tape slide testing for wood and food molds
    • Control through NADCA standards
    • 1 window solution to all kind of Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation for home | offices or more


    • No further mold growth
    • No appliance or fixture malfunction
    • No odor due to humidity

    Quick Mold Inspection & Mold Remediation

    Moisture and Mold Ruining your Vicinity? Let Fix a home fix it for you!

    Humidity leads to mold buildup as these mold microorganisms thrive on moisture. These microbes may produce irritants and allergens and have the potential to cause other health hazards as well. Right procedures & treatment at the right time can save you much time, effort, money, and stress. You need 1 window solution to all kinds of mold inspection, mold remediation, home remediation or mold removal services in Dubai. Fix a home is your only go-to destination.

    At Fix a home we understand we not just identify the kind of mold but use procedures that lead to remediation. Mold removal isn't as complicated if assisted by the expert mold professionals through the process. With advanced procedures and a skilled team, we embark on reliable mold remediation services and home remediation. Fix A home has a certification from NADCA ensuring all work performed is centric upon international standards. We have an association with laboratories so all inspection and identification processes go smooth. Our dedicated team provides prompt response and takes action immediately making the place livable again.

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