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Painting Services in Dubai: 8 Beautiful Bedroom Colors for 2020


From brightening up a bedroom to a complete color makeover, the effect a fresh paint coat can have on your home interior is huge. Trying to paint by yourself can also have a huge impact, but not in the right way. Fix a home has made the process of getting interior paint easier and a lot less irritating. Our painting services in Dubai deliver both quality and speed. So, you don’t need to shift around your life to get your house painted. 

           Besides providing flawless painting services, we also like to help out our clients in deciding on the best paint colors that are in trend. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 8 beautiful color schemes for bedrooms for 2020. If you are looking to change around the look of your bedroom, then consider these trendy color schemes


Burnt Orange

We know orange sounds a bit too bright and flashy, but this color is a great compromise between orange and red. It may seem a little vibrant, but it is more grounding and muted, which creates the perfect color scheme for fall especially. Since the fall season is upon us, why not give your bedroom a seasonal makeover. 

Light Lilac

This color is a lavender oasis, which proves that you can decorate your bedroom while still being understated. Even though it bursts shades of lavender, this color also exudes serene and calm energy. The key here is to stick with muted pastel colors. You can always make things interesting by working with different contrasting textures, finished, and shapes. 

Blush Pink

This color is exuberantly feminine yet chic. You can use this color scheme to give your bedroom a whimsical look. The color appears softer to the touch. It can be a greatly combined with French country styles furniture and décor, giving your bedroom a unique yet elegant makeover. 

Light Gray

This ultra pale shade of gray can be very flattering for a bedroom, especially if you combine it with indigo tones. If you can opt for a similar pale share if you want a subtle, neutral look for your bedroom. The whole loon is less jarring for the eyes. If you want to create a lively and inviting space, then pair this with warm color furniture or décor. 

Soft Black

While most people use bright and crisp whites with light hues to open up a small space, there is also a strong case for darker colors. In fact, inkier color tones are known to amplify small spaces more. Moreover, these tones set the right mood in the bedroom. The soft black color can make your bedroom feel more intimate and unique, which you just can’t achieve with hues. 

Royal Purple

If your room is super bright because of large windows, then a deep purple shade can be perfect to create an accent wall. The color can absorb bright lights while also giving a vibrant personality to the room. You can also use this color to create a moody feel for your bedroom. 

Bright White

There is no doubt that white bedrooms are a showstopper, simple and plain. While some may think that white is the absence of all colors, we believe it can actually make a statement. In fact, sometimes, neutral colors can give you a space that feels open and is timeless. It also makes other design highlights stand out. A white bedroom can energize the whole area. 

Sage Green

Green can add calmness to your room. As the color represents nature and freshness, it can be a great thing to look at after waking up. The sage green is a lovely color that is calming, fun, and grounding. 


Marigold is a versatile color. It can look extraordinary when paired with olive green and navy blue. This sunny shade can enhance the look of any room when accent pieces with metallic finishes are used. For instance, you can use bronze pendant stools and lights with interesting frames. Such finishes can accentuate marigold yellow’s personality. You can get all these looks done for your room with our painting services in Dubai.

Book Professional Painting Services in Dubai 

No matter which color scheme you choose for your home, our experienced and dedicated team can get it done for you. After you book your painting services, we will set a date to go over some details. Our team will walk you through the entire process and will get the job done right. 

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