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Plumbing Inspection Tips For Home Buyers



No doubt buying a home is an exciting thing and is a huge investment. That is why, if home buyers need peace of mind in their new home, they should inspect the home in depth. A plumbing inspection is an essential thing to be carried out before buying a home. If the plumbing system is not inspected, minor plumbing problems will appear later as serious problems. The worst problem is caused by water leaks which cause water damage that is expensive and difficult to repair if not tackled at the start. Thus, it is important to hire professional plumbing services for a thorough inspection of the plumbing system of a home you are going to buy. 

Here we are enlisting some plumbing inspection tips that home buyers should keep in mind before buying a home. 


Check Lead Content In Pipes 

It is important to check the lead content in pipes when buying a home. Studies show that lead is a toxic metal and it can be hazardous not only for the environment but also for human health. Also, it disturbs the pH of the water. In new plumbing systems lead pipes are not used. However, in old plumbing systems, there are still lead or copper galvanized pipes are present. Moreover, lead is a metal that easily leaches down in the water. Thus, it is essential to replace the lead pipes of the house to have safe and clean water.


Find Out Water Meter Location 

Another important thing that should be inspected is the location of the water meter and the shutoff wall. This unit must be in good working condition and in the right place. So that in case of emergency the water supply of the home can be turned off quickly. However, if the home has a good water supply system the shutoff wall should be located somewhere inside usually under the kitchen sink. By shutting off the main valve check and make sure that water is not supplied to any faucet of the house. But if there is still water coming out from taps it means there is some problem and you may need to hire professional plumbing services to fix the problem.   



Check Water Heater 

A water heater supplies hot water to the whole family so, it is essential to check the size that it is adequate or not. Also, check the location of the water heater. it should be located at a place that is easy to access and not cause water damage to the surrounding in case of leakage. At first, check that if it is producing hot water. Additionally, inspect the water heater for any corrosion, worn-out signs, putrid odor, or whining noise. These are the signs that show that the water heater needs to be replaced. Therefore if you notice that the water heater is old ask the seller to replace it first.     


Septic Tank Or Municipal Sewer System 

Check out how the sewage of the house is disposed of. Whether it is disposed of in the private septic tank or in the municipal sewer. If the home has a private septic tank find out its location and check when it is last emptied and serviced. However, if you notice any unpleasant odour or leakage in the area where the septic tank is present, it means that there is some problem. Ask the seller to hire professional cleaning services and contract the sign when the problem is solved.      


Toilet Inspection 

For inspection of toilets flush all the toilets and check to make sure that they drain properly. However, you can easily check the drain leakage by hearing the trickling sound after flushing. Also, you can check the leakage by a simple trick of adding 8 to 10 drops to the main water tank. Do not flush, just wait and watch and if you do not notice any colored water it means there is no leakage. But if there is any discolouration around toilets it is a sign of water leakage and you may need to look for another home to buy. 


Inspect For Previous Water Damage  

Check the faucets, sinks, shower, and tubs in the house for signs of water damage. Even if there are old watermarks it is a sign of a problem. Then you should inspect the floor base near toilets to find out any signs of rot or damage. If the sinks and toilet move when you shake them it is a sign of an old or bad plumbing system. So this needs to be repaired before you purchase and get into your new home.   

It is expensive to repair or replace the plumbing equipment that is why it is crucial to inspect the plumbing system of a home before purchasing it. However, if you don’t have experience in checking and finding out plumbing problems you can hire professional plumbing services. We have certified professional plumbers who are expert in their job. They inspect the system and help and can quickly identify damage. Thus making your inspection of the property and purchase quite easy.


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