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Privacy Policy

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The Privacy Policy at Fix a Home fixes the Terms and Conditions of how and where the personal as well as the financial information provided by the users of the service will be, or will not be, used. Using services at Fix a Home is subject to the following Privacy Policy. In case you decide to use the services, you are required to read and accept the following terms:

Note: Please note that the clauses in Privacy Policy are subject to change any time, with or without, a prior notice to our clients. Therefore, services users are advised to keep themselves informed with the changing Policies at Fix a Home.

Also, note that the following Policy is governed by laws of Emirate of Dubai and Federal Laws of UAE. Therefore, any dispute will be taken care of by the jurisdiction of the Dubai courts. By using the services at Fix a Home, you are submitting your consent to accept the following terms of Privacy Policy.

1. The information that is collected at Fix a Home includes first name, last name, gender, date of birth, phone number, address, password, company name, area, city, country and other similar information of personal or confidential nature. Username and password is also needed in case you want to register yourself at Fix a Home. This is needed to facilitate the process of delivering services and to keep your data safe for future reference. In addition to that, it also helps filter audiences for our future marketing drives, discount offers, etc. This information is also used to further improve our services in the light of customer feedback and analysis of the target audience.

2. The personal information collected from the clients/customers will not be disclosed to any outside party who is not an integral part of our business model and does not need it in the process of service delivery. Even if this information is to be shared with any third party, your consent shall be obtained for it.

3. Fix a Home takes all kinds of possible measures to ensure that the person or any form of financial information provided to us is safe and secure from any kind of unauthorized access, theft, misuse, alteration or destruction. Since we have all the managerial, technological and electronic measures intact to secure your information, the company, however, will not be held responsible in case of any theft or misuse of data still taking place.

4. In addition to the personal and general information that is collected, Fix a Home uses cookies and takes your consent for it. Cookies are the files that are used to store information on your hard drive so that the website can recognize you, track new users and to keep a record of useful information from your session. The users can disable cookies from their browser, but we recommend you to not do that because cookies are used to improve user experience.

In case of any further queries about the Policy, please feel free to contact us.