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Room Color and How it Affects Your Mood



Your home is the place where you want to be yourself and feel the most comfortable. No matter where you live, in whatever part of the world. Your home will always be the go-to place for resting so you decorate it as you like. Everything you keep in your house is a reflection of your personality so from picking furniture to buying spoons you want everything to be of your choice. When it comes to the wall colours of the house, everyone has a different vision. For example, some people want to set a theme with specific colour schemes, some like to choose a monotonous tone for all rooms, and some people choose what goes best with the overall house theme painting services.

Researches have shown that each colour has a specific energy and it affects human moods substantially. Almost every wall painting service professional is familiar with the vibes of colours and sure can guide you to choose the colour that will create a positive effect on your health, and will be a graceful colour choice for your room. 

We too have researched greatly on wall colours to provide our clients with the best choices that reflect their personality and that will create a positive effect on their health. Here are the most preferred colours and their effects on human moods. 


Off White / White / Cream


White being the most pious in all the colours is a classic choice of many homeowners. It has many benefits and it surely impacts positively on people’s health. You get your house painted white you will instantly get the feeling of cleanliness and neatness. Mostly the ceilings are painted white because it gives the illusion of higher ceilings and it also keeps the room bright. White is no doubt a great option but it has a drawback that it gets dirty soon and it also becomes a bit boring after a while. 




Blue is the second preferred choice for painting and the first choice for a baby boy’s bedroom. It is mostly associated with water and gives calm and peaceful energy. It helps in keeping your blood pressure stable. 

Most painting services recommend blue for the bedroom and bathroom. 




Surely a bold choice but a good one. Even though it is mostly associated with anger, it also gives youthful high energy. 

Red is the colour of passion so if you have a room you practice your craft in, red can bring you a lot of energy. Also, it is the colour of socializing and attention-getting which is the reason painting services suggest them for dining rooms and living rooms and most restaurants have this colour on their walls too as a colour of celebration and partying. 





Orange is the colour of enthusiasm. It brings hope and stimulates appetite so not a good colour for the kitchen. Mostly people prefer it for the gym or a place they like to workout in. It also looks great in a kids room as it gives playful vibes.   




Purple is mostly related to spirituality and calmness. It gives out a sense of peace and meditation. In ancient history, it was considered as a colour of luxury and now the rich darker purple is a symbol of sophistication and it looks awesome in offices and other official buildings.  




Grey is a subtle colour that looks perfect if you are going for a theme for each room. It becomes prominent when it is matched with other accessories contrasted with it. On the whole, the darker grey gives a metallic look. Whereas, light grey gives out a calming look to your house. 




Green is always affiliated with nature. It gives out a calming effect and relieves the tension. Painters suggest them mostly for the kitchen, bedroom and living room. The light green colour works with the colour of the furniture and other decors you have in your house. 




Yellow –  the colour of hope, brightness and joyfulness. Yellow painted walls portray richness and happiness. It is a great colour for your children’s room, kitchen and living room. It brightens the room and gives a light look to the room. 




When someone says pink coloured walls. The first thought is a baby girl’s room but in a broader perspective, it is the colour of creativity and kindness. It keeps you calm and gives a sense of joy and warmth. A perfect choice for nursery, kitchen and common rooms. 

Painting Service Professionals Offer a Great Advice


Often people get confused about what colour to choose for their house. The Internet is a good consultant but it normally doesn’t show what colour will look good as per your area, climate and fits the budget. A good painting service however can educate about what quality paint would suit your weather and climate the best. So choose your painters wisely to get a helpful suggestion on colours and how to keep the paint intact for a long time.  


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