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Terms and Conditions- Fix a Home

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The use of services at Fix a Home is subjected to the following Terms and Conditions. All users of the service are required to read and accept the following terms:

Note: Please note that the Terms and Conditions are subject to change any time, with or without, a prior notice to our clients. Therefore, it is on to the users of the service to keep themselves informed with the changing Terms and Conditions at Fix a Home.

By using the services at Fix a Home, you are submitting your consent to accept the following terms of use.

General Declaration:

Fixahome.com is a website owned by Sea Heights Technical Services.

Acceptance of Order

1. Your order will only be processed when we notify of the acceptance of the order through an email or a phone call or any other kind of electronical messaging medium. If you do not receive the acceptance of your order for some reason, please place your order again.

2. Fix a Home has a standard time frame to respond to callouts. If any damage is caused to the customer’s property within this callout time, the company will not be responsible.

Payment and Charges

  • Payments will be accepted by credit card, debit card or cash on delivery.
  • A standard fee will be applied each time you book a service at Fix a Home and a representative visits your home.
  • By giving your debit/credit card information for the payment, you authorize us or the third party processor to utilize your information for processing payment.
  • In case incorrect information is provided, like the size of the water tank or number of rooms in a property, FixaHome holds the right to revise the fee charged for the services provided.
  • An electronic invoice will be issued and sent to you at the provided email address.
  • For project works that are quoted at AED 5,000 or less, 100% of the fee is payable in advance of the works being undertaken
  • For project works that are quoted at more than AED 5,000 up to AED 20,000:

a.  70% of the fee is payable in advance of the works being undertaken
b. 30% after completion of the job

  • For major projects, the payment terms will form part of a separate contractual agreement

Cancellation of order

  • You can cancel your order 24 hours before the time of appointment. After this, the request for cancellation of order will not be processed.
  • Your appointment will be cancelled automatically if the payment is not made within the specified time.
  • Appointment shall be cancelled if you do not provide us with the required information for the processing of your requested service.
  • In case there is no one at the given address to get the services done, and you do not respond to our attempts to connect to reschedule a visit with you, your order shall be cancelled.
  • Order will be cancelled if the delivery of the required equipment and supplies to the given address has been failed.
  • You can reach out to us through email, social media, live chat or the given contact number to request for the cancellation of order.

Order/Service Delivery

  • Delivery charges will be displayed at the time of placing an order if any
  • If the service delivery or the delivery of the supplies has been delayed due to any reason outside of our control (rainstorm etc.) you will be notified of the possible delay.


  • The supplies required for the service will be provided by FixaHome.com and its associated partners only.
  • If the supplies for the service are not available due to any reason, you will be notified of any possible delay in the delivery of service.
  • If the required supplies/equipment are not available within the UAE, the company will charge an additional amount to ensure the availability of such supplies


  • Your payment will be fully refunded if you cancel an order 24 hours before the scheduled time
  • In case you paid in cash, the refund amount will be added to your wallet.
  • The refund amount will be added immediately to your wallet as soon as your request for refund has been confirmed from our end. However, if you paid via debit/credit card, the refund procedure will take a time of 30 business days.

Liability for losses

  • The owner of the property or any of his/her representatives should be present during the access to the property by FixaHome or its associates’ staff. All work should be done under the supervision of this representative.
  • If, under any circumstances, it is found out that the owner’s property has been interfered with, misplaced, stolen etc., a thorough investigation will be carried out by FixaHome and its associated companies. The company will not be held responsible if no evidence can be found out during this investigation that can be attributed to the company’s representative at work. The owners of the property are, therefore, advised to be present at the time of service delivery and secure their valuable assets and items during the representative’s visit.

Equipment/System Malfunction

  • Any malfunctioning found in the systems or equipment, if not proved to be attributed to the work carried out by one of our representatives, will not be the responsibility of the company.
  • In case our representative suggests the replacement of any equipment, machine or motor and the customer refuses to do so, the damage caused thereon due to the existing equipment /motor/machine will not be the responsibility of the company.
  • If the AC, electrical, and plumbing systems at the property have not been maintained, resulting in substandard condition, FixaHome and its associates will provide a proposal for initial corrective maintenance before starting the Annual Maintenance Contract. These costs will be charged separately and, therefore, are not included in the annual contract fee.

Safety coverage

  • The use of scaffold or lifting equipment to reach assets, which cannot be reached by normal ladders, will be charged to the customer as an additional fee to the contract fee, unless this fee is specified as included in the contract fee. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that there is clear access for Fix a Home to erect the scaffold/lifting equipment. The company or its representatives will not access locations in the premises if there is a safety issue which can put our staff at risk. Fix a Home and its associates, however, will help the customer to try and find a solution to accessing these types of inaccessible locations.

Maintenance Contracts with Fix a Home

  • Contracts will be automatically renewed upon expiration. In case you do not want auto renewal for the contract, please notify us prior to expiration.
  • All the payments will be made in advance in regards payment plan chosen.
  • Failure to promptly settle invoice charges may result in either suspension or discontinuation of all services provided in the maintenance contract.
  • All callouts from the clients will be attended during the contract period.
  • Executive contracts have unlimited number of emergency callouts allowed in one-year contracts
  • If a customer wants to cancel a long-term contract with Fix a Home, a 30 days prior notice must be provided.
  • In case of cancellation of the long-term contracts, 80% of the fees will be refunded for the remaining period of the contract, if the request for cancellation has been made on a 30 days prior notice.
  • Any damage or malfunction identified after the expiration of a contract will not be the responsibility of the company.
  • Payment for contracts can be made annually, quarterly, or biannually.

 In case of Payment Plans:

  • Monthly Payment Plan: The first preventive service will be after the 3rd monthly payment initiated in Gold and Platinum Package and second preventive service will be conducted after 7th month payment is made.
  • Quarterly Payment Plans: The first Preventive service will be done anytime after the payment is initiated. The second preventive service will be conducted after the 6th month or 3rd quarter payment is made.