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water tank cleaning services

The Importance and Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning



Based in the desert and all Dubai has to go lengths to provide you with clean water to bathe and drink. Unlike many cities in the world where freshwater reaches your house directly, Dubai’s water system includes water tanks and pumps. There is no doubt that the water system is amazing and DEWA makes sure that everyone is following all the codes related to it. Some things fall into your hand too like water tank maintenance. As per  Dubai Municipality authorities, your water tank must be cleaned annually. 

Clean water is a blessing, there is no doubt about that regardless it is being used for drinking or cleaning. When it comes to water tank cleanliness many of us don’t pay much attention thinking that as long as there is water in the taps it is fine. However, one thing we often tend to forget is that water tanks are mostly stagnant and stagnant water can easily find fungus and mould. Now apparently it is not visible in the water reaching us until very late and often due to our carelessness we put ourselves in harm’s way. The only reason why most of the people avoid checking in the tanks is that they are usually big and it takes a lot of effort to clean them. Luckily Dubai has many water tank cleaning services, which can help you in this regard. You just have to call them and they can take care of the issue. 

Many may say that the government is very careful with the filtration of the water. Why should we spend money on cleaning tanks? Here are some important points that can open your eyes to the fact that your water tank does need cleaning once a year even though the water seems clean. 


Unclean Water Tanks Cause Infections


Infections and diseases are directly linked with uncleanliness. As per research by the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 3 million people in the world die due to diseases caused by infectious water every year. Whether you use the water for drinking or cleaning, in either case, contaminated water is injurious to your health. Most common diseases caused by contaminated water are Diarrhoea, Cholera, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Lead poisoning and other stomach infections. Even if you don’t use the tank water for drinking, the dishes you wash from it get the germs and cause illness. Water tanks cleaning services include a deep cleaning of any mould or fungus growing in the tank. They also disinfect the tank for any insects or bacteria lurking in the water making sure that the water is clean and healthy for your family. 



Various Skin Issues Can Be Avoided


Apart from the stomach diseases dirty tank water can also cause skin diseases, hair fall and itching on the body. You never know poisonous pollen has found your tank and found its roots in the water and provided a good home for insects and pests. Professional water tank cleaning service providers are fully equipped with the latest tools to make sure to take out such fungi from your tank and make it clean in a way that no residues are left in the tank. 


Enhance Water Filtration with Water Tank Cleaning Services. 


Water filtration process in Dubai is no doubt one of the best systems but if your water tank is not cleansed from the bacteria or germs that filtration is of no use. Also if you filter the water using filter machines, a long-overdue unclean water tank may contain powerful bacteria that are not removed by these machines. A clean tank will support the filtration and double-checking the cleanliness of the water.  


Keep Your Water Tank Rust Free for a Long Time


Sometimes you may open the tap and see brown water coming out of it. Your immediate thought will be that your plumbing has some issues. That may be the case but most of the time it means that your water tank has found rust. Rusty water is extremely dangerous to your health and for everything you use the water for, washing clothes, house or dishes. Also, the rust can damage the tank itself, causing leakages that may not get fixed. Water tank cleaning services include a detailed inspection of the tank and if there is a breakage of rust they take necessary steps to avoid its spread. 


Avoid Plumbing Issues 


Plumbing is an intricate system and mostly no one wants it to get damaged. Water tanks are an important part of the plumbing system as it is the main reservoir for water. All the water is supplied to the building from it so it has the most potential to damage the inner wall and underground water pipelines. If you don’t get it inspected by a professional annually your maintenance cost will double itself. Be more careless and you may have to reinstall the entire system from the scratch.  

Water tank cleaning is not a precaution that you overlook. Water is essential for life but dirty water is harmful to life too. So keep your family safe from the diseases caused by it and also avoid unnecessary repairing costs by getting your water tank cleaned twice a year or yearly.   


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