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Top 6 Air Conditioner Common Problems and Solutions

Top 6 Air Conditioner Common Problems and Solutions



If you are living in Dubai, you may be facing despair when your air conditioner is not working properly. It might be causing plenty of discomfort to you and your friends who are spending time with you in the room. Therefore, an air conditioner that is working in an absolutely perfect condition is compulsory for any office, home, or other locations where you have to stay and perform important activities.

Knowing the common problems related to your air conditioner is necessary so that you do not have to face issues that can spoil your comfort. When talking about air conditioning issues you need the best air conditioning services so you can say goodbye to your complaints. We are offering you an overview of the top six air conditioning problems and their solutions.


Malfunctioning Fans

There is a fan in air conditioners that works for heating or cooling your room’s temperature. The fan cools your room by throwing air on the air conditioner’s condenser and this process emits the diffused heat out of the building. Similarly, the fan also plays an important role in heating the room by passing hot air from the air conditioner’s heating unit to the inside of a room. If your unit’s fan is malfunctioning because of a damaged motor, less lubrication, belts in poor or untidy condition, it can destroy the air conditioner’s condenser. 


The Solution

You should clean the dirt and dust particles from the outdoor compartment of the air conditioner by getting the help of an expert.


Leakage in Ducts

The duct system that is present in the walls and roof of your rooms transfers the cool or hot air from the air conditioner to the area inside of your room. If there is leakage in the ducts caused by gradual degradation the pricey cool or heated air starts gathering in the walls of the room where it doesn’t reach the people. That also leads to increased power consumption because your air conditioner places an extra burden on the built-in system putting a strain on your bills.


The Solution

Do not miss the timely repair. You can avoid air duct problems by timely repair of the ducts. Trained technicians should check the duct system of your air conditioner before the start of each summer or winter season. Usually, this requires receiving the services of air conditioning expert from an ac maintenance company in Dubai.


Thermostat Issues

You may face thermostat issues if you have an old-style dial configured thermostat. With little miscalculation, you can adjust it inaccurately which means the air conditioner may not be retrieving accurate commands from the control unit.


The Solution

This issue can be conveniently resolved by changing or readjusting your thermostats. If your air conditioner comes with the latest thermostat that requires programming it may be difficult to configure by yourself. In that case, you should refer to the user manual of the air conditioner to do the right calibration.



Clogged Drains

Conditioner extracts the complete moisture from the air and expels it outside. It is emitted through the drainpipe into a drain tray and from there it is sent to the drain. In case the drainpipe gets obstructed with dirt or if the water in the tray reaches its maximum level, then it can be pushed back into the air conditioner, destroying it. It can also damage your room’s wall and ceiling by leakage.


The Solution

You should get your air conditioner’s drain pipe properly inspected by the technician and he can clear any dirt or mold stuck in it.


Untidy Coils inside the Condenser

The condenser coil is included in the outdoor component of the air conditioner. It emits the heat out of the air by passing it out of the room. The condenser coil does not perform if it is greasy or dirty. It is a very recurring issue in Dubai because of all the dust in the air. When this occurs the emission of cool air is resisted. The air conditioner has an additional load that creates extra deterioration on the components causing damage to the air conditioner’s system.


The Solution

If your air conditioner’s condenser coil is damaged then you may need to replace it by hiring an HVAC technician. He can look for the dust and dirt on the coil and carefully remove it from it.


Freezing of Evaporator Coils Inside the Air Conditioner

The condenser coil of the air conditioner contains the refrigerant. Its purpose is to take out the heat from the atmosphere. Therefore, these coils work at their best if there is warm air passing through them. If the warm airflow isn’t good enough then this coil becomes very cold and ice starts solidifying on its surface. If this occurs then the air may not be cooled or it may not come out of your air conditioner. A good remedy is that you should get the air conditioning services from an expert in your area.


The Solution

Thoroughly view the outside layer of the evaporator coil for any signs of dust or dirt. You should also check for any growth of mold on the coil. If there is mold on the coil then you should hire a trained technician. They can remove it using the bio-cleaners for the cooling units. To clean the coil dirt you need to apply the coil cleaning spray to the external layer of the evaporator coil and let it stay there for some time. After the spray has been present on the coil for some time you should pass some water through the drain to ensure that the coils are completely clean. The coil cleaning spray will automatically wash from the evaporator coils and fall into the tray. If the water is not entirely removed from the pan then you should call the technician.


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